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Why Worry is Pointless

I wish I could have entitled this Why You Shouldn’t Worry because I had some insight about everything thing being okay, but I don’t. Everything could get much worse. This could be the start of many catastrophes. I have no idea.

I do think things will probably be okay for the majority of us, but as I was journalling today, I realized that is not why I am not worried. I am not worried, because I had worst case scenario happen and I’m grateful I didn’t waste time before that happened, worrying.

Worrying doesn’t change anything and most things we worry about, never happen. I should know. I JUST spent months waking up in a cold sweat worrying about an event that just got cancelled.

Sometimes the worst we worry about does come true and that is when worry is most pointless. One night my husband just didn’t come home, and after searching for him for hours, I got a call from the medical examiner saying he had been killed in an attempted carjacking.

Do you know what I am grateful for? I’m grateful I didn’t waste the time we had together worrying that he was about to die. It wouldn’t have changed anything. We took all kind of measures to make him as safe as possible, but there are somethings no amount of worry or prevention can control.

I’m equally grateful that we did take all the measures we knew to take to keep him safe. It would be hard to live with this if we had been cavalier about his job and he had been driving in areas we knew were dangerous. I firmly believe in prevention. I firmly believe in prudence. I firmly believe in social distancing and sacrificing fun for the lives of others. This isn’t don’t worry, be stupid; but worry doesn’t help, it just steals the energy we need to rejoice, be resilient, pray, and word hard.

Be wise, be prudent, protect your neighbors, protect this country, protect this world. Be part of the solution. Don’t put others at risk because you want to play. It’s hard. I know. Don’t be stupid, but worry is pointless. Whether things get better or get worse, rejoice in the blessings you have today, be wise, prepare, protect, but don’t waste another minute in worry.

Worry steals blessings, especially the blessings we most need, the table he prepares in the presence of our enemies, and the cup that overflows.

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Based in Atlanta, but from the mountains of North Carolina. New widow of a man from Iran. Mother of one precious girl. Anti-human trafficking expert. Sister to 16 siblings (Yes, some of are adopted). Daughter of God.

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