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Social Distancing: This Is Not the Same for Everyone

I feel like social media has taken a drastic turn in the last two days. People went from all Corona news posts, fear, news and fighting; to a little laughter and lots of sharing about how people are coping, enjoying, surviving, and thriving. What is missing is the posts from people who are struggling to survive, from those who find this devastating financially, or physically. It feels like there is only room on social media for those of us with margins to breathe, for those of us with less responsibility for others.

No one wants to be the negative one, but also, people need to know you see their struggles. The struggles range from cancelling your wedding to finding a way to afford to pay employees when you have no customers, and from keeping ambulance services going when single parent employees no longer have childcare to deciding if you are going to quit your job or leave your 10 year old home alone. Not everyone can work from home.

We need to keep our own hardships in perspective, while not comparing. It’s hard. But would you rather be the person whose cruise was canceled or the person who had to make the decision to cancel the cruise? You could feel sorry for yourself either way, or be really glad you only have your own struggles.

In a way, I feel like the world turned upside down. Before this, I felt like as a widowed mother, I had twice the responsibilities of most of my friends. I was responsible for the income, the home, and the child. Alone. All of that is still true, but now, some of those same people I was comparing myself to, are beyond overwhelmed trying to keep others employed. I’m not rejoicing that so many people are hurting, but as I breathe, I am learning to rejoice in God’s provision, despite the evil and sorrow all around.

You can be grateful, rejoice, and focus on God’s provisions; while not ignoring the suffering around you. Enjoying this time, doesn’t have to make you selfish. It can give you the strength to be generous.

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