Love My Little Girl

Today we had a conversation I knew was coming. We are always talking about where we are going and who we are going to see. Today she asked if we could go see her daddy. When I said not for a long time, she asked if we could see him tomorrow. When I said not tomorrow, she said ok, some other day. 

So I said not for a long long time after she got very very old. Daddy was special and went to go see God before he got very very old. She wasn’t sad, but it breaks my heart. 

Zoya is starting the terrible twos a little early. She is fiercely independent, particular, and likely to throw a tantrum at any moment. She’s at an age that only a parent can love. But Zoya doesn’t have a male parent. And while she should have her father holding her close and loving her through this stage, I’ve already seen men start to back away from her slowly. She’s not their problem and she is fierce. 

I adore her and I know Shah would have loved this developmental stage and been so proud of her strength. Zoya was robbed and only God can restore 

2 comments on “Love My Little Girl

  1. We will pray that dear Zoya is fierce in her love for Jesus.


  2. I’m sorry to hear about Zoya’s father. I’m sure it is difficult to talk about him with her. God bless your family.


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