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When You Google Your Husband and Find ….

I was thinking serious thoughts. Then I was thinking blessed thoughts. Then I was thinking sad thoughts. Then I searched Shah’s name on Twitter. 

And so in honor of Twitter I will say #fakenews #OMGosh #weirdlyfamous #whyidontbelieveinconspiracytheories #theystilltalkabouthim #theyconnectedhisdeathtoJFKjr #shahriarhasapizzagatewikipage

So all serious thoughts were set aside for tonight. I’m going to catch up on sleep, truly thank God for all of your prayers, refocus on heaven, and brace for the rest of this week.  

And I’ll share a silly photo with you just because people be cray cray. 

2 comments on “When You Google Your Husband and Find ….

  1. You hadn’t heard that you were part of the “Clinton sex scandal” that said you were investigating Pres. Clinton when you were the AG as part of your work on child trafficking; and that it was part of the conspiracy about his death; and that stories from alt-right/fake news said that there was a report from the Kremlin alleging a tie and that Obama ordered the death via CIA. I know you were deep in your grief to have noticed but it was quite the little firestorm on social media.


    • Ok so I knew about the two or three articles written at the time. It’s a normal way to draw attention to make up a story about someone getting media attention. BUT I didn’t realize there were a few people who still continuously talked about him.


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