New Blog Look – New Thoughts on Provisions

I’m playing around with my blog format.  I was forced to upgrade my account because I’ve apparently uploaded too many photos for the free account.  I’m not complaining.  I do love photos.  Especially of my beautiful girl.

This blog basically started as a baby book, because I could write memories and save photos while nursing in the middle of the night.  I also wanted to record for myself all of the ways God faithfully provided for us over the coming years.

At the time, I expected that this blog would show the ups and downs of life as slowly God provided a way for my husband to support us through his business and for me to stay home with our daughter.  

One of those downs ended up being so much more than a busted septic system, job loss, or leaky roof.  Everything in that dream ended the night my husband was shot, except the dream of God providing.  Suddenly, I needed so much more than financial provisions, I needed God to provide, peace, joy, hope, wisdom, and vision.  My world was radically changed.  But just as the theme of the blog as always stated, God provides for us.

I have no idea what the end of this journey looks like.  I have no idea what other needs God will have to provide for along the way.

I know I can change the look of this blog, but I’ll never need to change the theme, because God will forever provide.


It’s clearly a bit of a hybrid blog at this point, and so much more than a baby book.  But if you are new to the blog you will understand why I sometimes switch from serious writing to nothing more than a journal entry of child photographs.

This is a place for me to share my grieving process in a way that both helps others know how to pray for us and hopefully teaches others a bit from the lessons I’m learning.  It’s a place for me to sort out my thoughts and feelings.   It’s also a place for me to record fantastic photos like this photo and to record amazing memories.


Today I made this change because I could make this change.


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