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Moments When Hope Wins


Two years old.  A little ice cream on her face.  Some fun before bedtime.  Those eyes.  My love.

Some moments, I feel overwhelmed by the challenge to keep going in this broken world.  And other times I see this little girl, and I’m overwhelmed with love and joy, and the memory of evil fades away.  I have faith that death will not have the final word, but right now it still dominates my thoughts.  But moments like these help me live in the hope that death has only won a temporary battle, but it will be defeated and I will be reunited with her daddy at the resurrection.

There will be a day when the three years we had together will be nothing compared to our time in eternity.

I cannot always forget the evil in this world.

But the eyes of a child offer a glimpse of what should be and what will be in time.

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