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Wanting to Step Closer to Home in Heaven this Weekend

Recently people who have been through this and understand, have reminded me that I should get up and do things that he would want and that would honor him as the head of this family and would make him happy.


Most of you don’t have any right to tell me what to do or how to do this, but a few of you have earned your mourning guide badge through pain and suffering and have reminded me of this; not so much through words, and definitely not through suggestions or advice, but have reminded me through your actions as I see you honoring your loved ones who have gone before by finding and focusing on the good in this life.

So today Team Zolfaghari will savor life, with one member unseen by earthly eyes, and our new member Ariel, we will go and enjoy God’s presence and gifts. We will enjoy being together and being with others. We will enjoy the sun and the water.

I am tired of mourning. It is hard work. I’m tired of weeping and wondering and missing. So today, I hope for a break. Today we hope to step closer to our home in heaven while our feet still remain on earth.

4 comments on “Wanting to Step Closer to Home in Heaven this Weekend

  1. Enjoy this beautiful day!! You deserve a break

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  2. the ocean has always been my connecting spot with my dad, something about the water is very healing. hope you have a wonderfully peaceful day!

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  3. Linda Shoemate

    Camila, I’ve commented once before, and even though you do not know me, I wanted to share with you a class offered by many churches (mostly evangelical) called GriefShare. For my husband and me, it was the first step in healing after losing our oldest son (and later our 4th son). In our case, the lesson was that there are so very many hurting people in the world, and we realized that to “save ourselves” from despair, we had to throw our energies into something greater than us. Ultimately, we went on to adopt 3 little special needs girls from China. Of course, this is not the same path for everyone, but I do believe it might help just being able to share with fellow believers and fellow sufferers. If you go online, you will find churches in your area that offer this 13-week class. There are weekly videos and then discussion, and each week, our eyes were opened to see that we were not alone.


    • Thank you so much for sharing this. I am sorry for your loss and appreciate learning from those who have gone before


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