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Where Is He?


Nature used to always make me feel better.  Nothing really makes me feel better these days, but my sister is faithful to make me leave the house a few hours a day.  Scenes like this just make me wonder where my husband is now.

Has he gone on and is enjoying glorious skies that make this one look dull?

Is he enjoying wine that is so much better than earthly wine like at the wedding in Cana?

Is he outside of time?  People say that God is outside time, but can you point me to a scripture?

Does eternity have a start or it is always and so we are with him now in eternity?

Does he know when good things happen for us?  Does he know them when they happen?  Does he know them ahead of time?  Is that how he can have joy, because he knows where we end up?

Is he with us?

Are we still united in Christ?  Yes, we are, though I don’t always feel it.

Does he remember us or is he peacefully, joyfully sleeping awaiting a new heaven and a new earth?



5 comments on “Where Is He?

  1. Joan Fowler

    Camila, I cry with you this morning as you look at cloud and say “where is he”? We know where the scripture says he is and we believe but we still gaze and wonder. I understand ! It hurts so deeply! I love you and pray for your comfort.


    • Thank you for your words and prayers. I know you understand. I don’t know why God didn’t tell us more about this time. Though I guess we probably couldn’t comprehend it.


  2. Michelle

    One Scripture I always think of with people that have passed on is,
    when Jesus was hanging on the cross and he turned to one of the thieves and told him, “Today you will be with me in paradise.” It helps me.

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  3. Linda Shoemate

    Camila, you don’t know me – I am simply a FB friend of your mom’s, but I will tell you that your public journal so closely matches the one I wrote in 2003, that I can feel that pain all over again. I wish I could tell you that in a year you will feel better, but the truth is, it takes a long time, and now 13 years later I realize there will always be a lingering sadness and a hole that can be filled by no one but my 2 sons. Even still, I will tell you that God has been faithful, and when I was too grief stricken to feel Him, His handiwork was there. This will be the case for you too. I’m glad you’re journaling – a time will come when you will look back and see some of the beautiful things that are happening in the midst of devastating loss. I saved poems and quotations, but one of my favorites is this, “Can you thank Me for trusting you with this experience, even if I never tell you why?” ~Helen Roseveare. I still ponder that question, and at this point, yes, I can thank Him, and, no, I still do not completely understand the whys.


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