Thought on Turkey


there is no difference between Istanbul and London, Ankara and Berlin, Izmir and Chicago or Antalya and Rome.

I’m taking a break from my own grief tonight. I’m being given a break. Maybe it’s peace. Maybe it’s shock and numbness.

We met right here. The spot of these explosions is where I first saw him walking towards me holding flowers and I said, “Oh damn, this is going to be interesting.” The coordinates of the bombing are on the bracelet I gave him.

If Shah were here he would be on BBCFarsi checking the news. He loved the news. Always. He would be talking about how sad and terrible it was. And in a day or two when our attention turned, he would be decrying the inability of the west to care about others as they cared about those in the west. And somewhere in there we would also probably talk about people only caring about Christians and not others who were killed.

Shah loved and saw the value in all people and often challenged me when he saw me caring more about people who were more like myself, people I could relate to more.  I think he understood the basic human tendency to feel more emotions when you related to the victims, but he didn’t like it and he challenged it constantly.

He saw the value of all human life. I hope I have learned from him and can impart that to Zoya.

The labor pains of this world are growing more intense.

Come Lord Jesus.

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