Missing Him

I miss every minute we spent together, every smile, every kiss, every fight, every picture, every word.
I miss the way you kissed us.
I miss your laying beside me reading the news.
I miss your snore.
I miss scratching your back.
I miss living with my best friend.
I miss our life.





I can’t believe you are gone. I can’t believe it. I can’t believe it.

You were so so full of life. The last night you came home, the night before you died, you came home and flopped on top of me in the bed, exhausted but excited from your great day at work and our great weekend. I smiled. Laughed. Kissed you. Said good job, I’m proud of you Daddy.

We didn’t know as we later slept in a circle around Zoya that it was our last night. I was just happy, content. We had the perfect month. This life was looking up.

Now I realize less than 24 hours after that flop on the bed, you were taken. It happened so fast.

Now I wish time had stopped. I want it to have been minutes since we last kissed. Why do the days keep marching on?

I love you. I miss you. Father bring new life. Now I truly eagerly await the resurrection. I love you Shahriar Zolfaghari. You loved and lived so large. I’m so honored to have been yours.

1 comment on “Missing Him

  1. Camila – wish there was a “Feel Your Pain” button instead of a like. Glad you are writing and dealing with this openly and fully. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Thanks for giving us a glimpse into what we could never understand.


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