Take Some Time

Take some time with your family today. Sacrifice. Sacrifice sleep.




One year ago I was so exhausted with a 7 week old baby, but the night before I’d sacrificed two hours of sleep to stay up til Shah got home from work at midnight to sit on the couch and talk to him until 2 am. I’m so grateful that I did. Today I know I had two extra hours with him, two hours of memories, even though I don’t remember details about that night, I do remember his smile and how nice the time was for both of us to be alone.
A brave friend battling cancer had time alone with her husband last night. She sacrificed sleep and rest and everything.
We sacrifice sleep for tv, for Pinterest, for Facebook. But often, at least I, would often fret if he was causing me to lose sleep. I was afraid of the headache in the morning.
Now I’m grateful for every moment I chose him over sleep.
I miss him.

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