Another Reason I Love Him

Some days are so hard. Some days I have a glimmer of hope and peace. Some days I just want to record the good, so I never forget it and so that Zoya always knows how awesome her daddy is.
Timehop has been showing me not only photos but our conversations from a year ago when I was in maternity leave and he was delivering for Amazon Now. What I love about this one was not his generosity but his respect. He ALWAYS asked me.
Yes he was generous. He wanted to let a lady he had only met a few weeks ago take his car for two days.  But so often  generous people or people with a servant’s heart, serve and give without including their family and sometimes even to the detriment of their families. Shah never did that.
He never offered anything, whether a service or money, without talking to me about it; because we were married, we were a “we.”  He could have just told me, I told her she could use my car, but he didn’t til he talked to me. It was the same in our last phone conversation. He knew we could loan that family money for the water heater and he knew I’d say yes, but it didn’t matter, he didn’t say anything to them about it until he had called me and we talked about it.
I love him for that. He was a truly great man.




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