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It Gets Better and Better, but It Moves So Fast


Without a doubt, we are having more and more fun each day. I only have evenings with this girl, so I think it’s easier for me to be deliberate about my time and I realize how limited it is. Some days I exercise. Some days I socialize. Some days I run errands. Some days I do chores. Some days we just read books, practice walking, and play. If I try to do more than one or two of these things, I fail.
Right now, with the perfect weather and the book I just finished, I’d go for a run every night if I could. BUT pushing baby in a stroller is not the same as sitting on the floor and laughing with baby. Both are important, but they are not the same.
I’ve always heard that women can multi-task. It’s true. Men are different. BUT there is still a huge different between multitasking and being single minded. When I went back to school at the University of Amsterdam, one of the orientation sessions had a speaker talking about a new study about how much we miss while multitasking. Ever since then, I’ve quit using the excuse that I can multi-task and I think all my work and relationships have benefitted.
But that rabbit trail aside, this time is great. She is almost one year old. She has the yes and no head shake. She points. She always sees dogs before we do and let’s us know she sees them by “barking.”   I was going to say she doesn’t make a real bark sound “ruff, ruff” but she pretty much says “hup, hup,” and that is what dogs say in Farsi. OK I’m not delusional. She isn’t speaking yet. But I’m realizing, I might not recognize all her first words. Bizarre.
Wow, this is a random post if slightly related topics. Partially, because I am multitasking during a conference. Is that ironic?  I don’t know. Alanis Morsette got me all confused.
This post was supposed to be about was this photo and running out of time. I have fond memories of bouncing in one of these Johnny Jumpers. I don’t know how I remember it. I doubt I remember being age 1. I remember specifically visiting someone who had one and how much fun it was. I think someone must have put me in one when I was way older than I should be.
But because of that memory  I’ve wanted one for Zoya. I almost missed my chance. Time was running out. I think she is two lbs away from being too heavy. So I bought one this weekend. Rush delivery. Amazon Prime.
And she loves it.

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