Baby wants Mama.

I was promised this would happen, but I must admit I didn’t believe it.  I was told, even if I went back to work and the baby spent all day with a nanny, that she would always prefer her Mama.  But Baby doesn’t have a nanny.  Baby spends all day with Daddy.  Baby sleeps between Mommy and Daddy.  Baby laughs most at Daddy.  Baby plays most with Daddy.  When Mama holds Baby, Baby just wants to smile at Daddy.  But when Mama walks out of sight, Baby cries.  Daddy can distract her with toys and funny faces, but then there is another glimpse of Mama leaving and she cries again.  Daddy can leave and there is no reaction.  Mama needs to stay.

Of course, Daddy never leaves Baby.  If he returns to work, her reaction to him leaving may change.

Maybe it is cruel and I shouldn’t admit it, but my heart melted last night when she started crying every time I left the room.  I’m sure it will get old really fast.  I’d like to be able to get a drink of water without upsetting my doll.  But she wants her Mama, so today, she gets to come visit for lunch and lunch break will be perfect..

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