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Why Taking a Lunch Break Is So Damn Important



Try as I might I could not be present last night. The work stress and the insane schedule planned for day, just wouldn’t leave my mind. It could have been worse. I think I handled it fairly well by laying in the bed and letting baby crawl all over me. But I have a feeling that my husband probably said a lot of things to me that I just didn’t hear.

Getting married to someone from a slower culture has helped me slow down… at home. But I’m realizing I am not doing any better at work. Except for the forced pumping breaks, that I work through more and more often, and when I don’t work through I’m rushing to type out this blog or catch up on my favorite sites. I’m skipping lunch breaks, never going outside, and when my brain does start to crash I don’t take a proper break, I just shut down.

This morning I turned down my husband’s offer to get up and fix lunch for me because I said I wouldn’t have time to eat it. And then I saw this article and was reminded of all the reasons I need to stop and take a break and of all the reasons I am not able to turn off when I get home.

So take a break. Life is too short to shorten it by running around like crazy. What happened to my goal of keeping my eyes turned on Jesus this year?  What happened to stopping and sitting at the feet of Jesus?

I want to be there when I get home tonight, not rushing through a head full of thoughts about work tomorrow.

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