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A Bit More About A Working Mom


This post is filled with generalizations.  They will not be true for all people, but they are true for many and they are true for me.  
I know the phrase ‘working mom’ sometimes offends those mothers that don’t work outside the home, but it shouldn’t. All mom’s work hard. Everyone knows that.  But it is not the same. It might be easier to spend part of your day working outside the home. It might be harder.  It depends on a lot of things.  But it is different.  It’s the same. But it’s different. Neither of us have time to get our nails done. The stay at home mom can never get away and the working mom is away so much she doesn’t want to get away.
From what I’ve seen most of the mom blogs are written by stay at home moms. Many of them work additional jobs from home, but primarily, they are within close proximity to their children at all hours of the day and night. It’s different for a mom who is away from her children from 9-5. As much as I want this blog to look like all the other mom blogs, it can’t. My world is different.
I am a working mom.
Things are the same. Things are different.
When my baby will not look at me, because she is completely in love with her daddy, I don’t know if she is just a daddy’s girl or if she is mad at me for leaving her all day.
After a weekend of getting to know her and learning what makes her laugh this week, and having her lay in my arms laughing and ‘talking’ I’m afraid to go to bed because maybe when I get home Monday night she will have forgotten me.
I not only leave her all day, I have to go to bed early, at 11:30 pm, while she watches me over her daddy’s chest.
I get emails from my church’s mom’s email group about all the weekday get togethers, park visits, and play dates. I’d love to see my friends, but I already have such a limited number of hours with my baby I don’t want many girls night outs.
My husband stays home with the baby, so she has constant one on one attention. I get photos and stories via text all day long. I may be jealous, but I am not worried.
My husband would be more than happy for me to have a girls night out with friends and I would have zero questions about her care if I wanted to get away.
I can go to bed anytime I want. He gets to sleep in with the baby in the morning, so I am not nearly as tired as most moms.
I have a job that I love. Last night I dreamed I was still at my old very stressful job. My current job is awesome, so I’m not miserable and missing baby, just missing my baby.
I have a four month old and I am not tired of changing poopy diapers because I don’t get to do that very often.
I was told pre-motherhood that I was not a nurturing person (something no one should ever be told), but I never tire of holding my baby, because my hours are so limited.
My life may even be easier than most; it is certainly easier than many mother’s lives.
It is not what I expected, but I’m grateful for it all the same.

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  1. Catherine Wright

    Amazing picture, as are you.


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