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First “Best Day Ever” After Loss

I am exhausted. Not with the exhaustion of grief and responsibilities, but with the exhaustion of trekking through a city celebration with your toddler for seven hours having pure fun.

Anyone with an Ergo carrier knows it is super hard to get the baby on and off without help. Probably impossible for a baby actually, but more like a tricky circus stunt with a toddler. But that’s how we roll.

Yes I’m proud of myself. I totally outlasted the carried one. I walked the last mile or so listening to everyone crack up as I carried the sleeping princess on my back. The last thing she asked me before she fell asleep was to sing La La Kon, a Farsi lullaby I made up.

We had a great day. It was totally a day of Yes. It was also a day I went at her pace. My travel style would be to walk every inch of the city so I didn’t miss anything and never stop. Thanks to Zoya I had an amazing day of fun wherever we were and not always searching for more.

I’ve had good days since Shah died. I’ve even had some uncomfortable emotional highs that felt like a roller coaster. This is different. This is, despite it all, contentment. I am happy with my life as it is. I am happy with my princess.

Travel tip – Put Kingsday on your bucket list. It’s like a PG Marti Gras or St Patrick’s Day. It’s a countrywide celebration, outdoor party, and yard sale all rolled in to one. It’s the kid friendly party in your neighbors back yard that extends to the whole country. Put it on your list early in life because you will want to do it again

I’ve done it as a single in college and in my 30s as a professional. Now I’ve done it as a single mother at 40 and it does not disappoint.

1 comment on “First “Best Day Ever” After Loss

  1. I love the picture of Zoya playing her flute,with the Blue Heron in the background.!!!


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