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What restores your soul?

Nature can help restore the soul after loss

Zoya and I have escaped to the mountain for a few days. If you grew up with me you know I mean the mountain, not just a mountain. 

I am missing Shah so badly it is sometimes hard to breathe these days, but I’m hoping I grow stronger while I’m here. 

Zoya is having the time of her life. I still have to share the life changing advice I got recently that has allowed her to return to happy times outside in a world of bugs. Soon. 

I think these photos tell the story more than words. 

2 comments on “What restores your soul?

  1. Oh my goodness! Zoya is the cutest little girl!!! I love the mountain! I recently escaped there as well! It is gorgeous there! Thanks for sharing the pictures!


  2. Zoya is adorable and so photogenic.


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