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Living Intentionally to Heal Your Heart – Worship and Play

After my post yesterday about my second year of grief, I knew I needed to take some time to intentionally evaluate and reset my rhythm. So this morning I went back to review the page in the Sacred Ordinary Day planner about this current season of Pentecost and this fourth idea of creating a rhythm of worship and play really stood out to me.

Worship and Play

Play has been a word that has been jumping out to me in different books and podcasts I’ve been listening to this week. Everything from GK Chesterton to Donald Miller marketing podcasts seem to be talking about play. A normal sign God is trying to tell me something. But while the word and idea “play” has been jumping out to me, the idea of finding play that I want to do seems very blurry and impossible.

Worship, especially worship that involved music, also seems a little fuzzy.  Like a pair of pants after you gain 6 lbs, it just hasn’t been comfortable.

But in a page full of words, these jumped out as if they had been highlighted and I believe these are the two words that are supposed to be the focus of this next stage of my healing and my life.

I don’t know what exactly this looks like, a rhythm of worship and play. Play seems especially daunting with all of the heat and bugs right now. And worship requires a presence of heart and mind that I have been avoiding.

But in true encouraging fashion, out of the blue, hours after I made this photo, but before I said a word to anyone, a dear friend sent me a message to ask if I had a certain worship CD and said she was sending it. While worship doesn’t have to include music, somehow I know in this season it is what I need, even if it takes a while to feel comfortable again.

Play and worship. Worship and play.

How do you play?  How do you worship?  What season is God calling you to and how will you respond?

2 comments on “Living Intentionally to Heal Your Heart – Worship and Play

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