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Life Altering Planner – Sacred Ordinary Days

top-banner-home-1.jpgI am quite in love with this “planner.”  I’m not planning much yet, but over two weeks into Advent, I’m still excited to start a fresh page each day, read the daily office (scriptures) and set some priorities.

I don’t have the whole planner yet.  I just have the sample for Advent.  I’ve never made it through a whole Advent season steadily doing anything.  I remember last year, I wrote something a few weeks in about having not observed Advent very well, but it not being too late.

This year, inspired by this planner from Sacred Ordinary Days, I’m completely different. And it isn’t even because I have this beautiful book.  I’ve printed the sample Advent PDF, the individual pages are setting on my dresser, and yet somehow remember to bring a new page every day.

I actually purchased a very fancy, etsy type, goal setting planner for 2017 and I’ve already given it away.  It may be a perfect planner for me another year, but it was not right for this season of my life.

Without being overwhelming, this one prompts me to think about rest as well as productivity, nurturing relationships as well as work.  Being a person who tends to get out of balance and go to extremes, I love that each week I am prompted to evaluate my spirit, mind, body, relationships, home, work and resources.

Thank you to all who have commented on my last post about comforting words. They were very helpful and prompted me to remember and appreciate times people have said the same to me.

One goal I have for this blog in the future is to encourage more reciprocal communication.  I hope to engage with you and not just share my own thoughts.  So with that in mind, any favorite books, planners, or other resources that have been particularly life changing?  (I’m also thinking about when I read the book by Marie Kondo, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.  It’s been over a year since I read it and my drawers are still remarkably organized.)



2 comments on “Life Altering Planner – Sacred Ordinary Days

  1. I have an Advent study/journal from Sheila Atchley. It has been just the right thing and at the right speed for this season in my life. I have ordered the full journal of Sacred Ordinary Days. I like the idea that it has positive, constructive things to focus my mind on. Right now my days are just sad. I’m also busy with the legal end of things for Caledin.


    • I’m so sorry that you are missing Caledin. I will be praying for you through this season. I’m sure the legal end of things feels surreal at times. It was hard for me to believe I had to do some of the “practical” things after Shah’s death. I hope you have people around you who can help you as you keep breathing.


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