Beauty at Home


I’m so in love with this little girl, my companion.

We had a whole weekend together at home, just the two of us.  It was busy and I did have to leave her with a babysitter for a little bit (which was dreadful), but we also had a good time.

I feel so much more connected to her since Shah died, so much more in love with her.

Part of it is her age.  Part of it is that she is all I have left.  But I think the new bonding is also a gift from God.  God allowed her daddy to be taken away from us, but He has been blessing us with an even stronger bond of love.

There is so much ugly in the world.  I work to notice many moments of beauty in our home.  We had a noodle picnic in the front yard, swung naked in the backyard, played throw the ball out of the crib, and wrestled and tickled in the bed.  Making beauty with this beauty is what gets me from moment to moment, inch to inch.

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