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Politics Aside – A Letter From the President


Setting politics aside, and if don’t respect the individual at least respect the office. This is really cool.
Shah was an immigrant, who came here for me, but who loved and embraced this country and it’s people. He had more American flag t-shirts than anyone and had talked for two years about wanting to stop and get a family photo in front of the big flag at the restaurant near church.
He loved that people encouraged each other to follow their dreams. Those weren’t just empty words. He truly loved that about America. From little kids to adults, he saw people asking and talking about what they wanted to do or change in their future and the respondents were always positive.
He loved that people generally minded their own business and even in public no one butted in and told you what you should be doing, scolded you, or made disapproving glances.
He loved it here and just days before he died we were calculating how soon he could become a citizen. 
So all that being said, this letter is awesome and I do appreciate it.

2 comments on “Politics Aside – A Letter From the President

  1. This is amazing. What a kind gesture. Shah would love it. I think one reason all Americans should be around immigrants (and travel internationally too) is to be reminded (or learn) how good we have it here. This was a sweet reminder to me to be grateful that I’m American and that I get to live in this wonderful country.


  2. Shah have been amazed by this. It’s a nice gesture. His family is in our thoughts and prayers


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