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Children Are a Gift – #humantrafficking


This is what I want my child to know more than anything. I want her to know she is a gift, a valuable, loved gift.

This is what I want for every child.

If every child was taught this truth and was treated according to this truth, I would not have a job.

If she was taught this truth, no pimp-trafficker would be able to exploit a girl by telling her how worthless she is, that he is the only one who loves her and the only one who will take care of her, that she has one thing of value, and to prove her worth she must sell it over and over, night after night.

Today, I am angry. Weekends are supposed to be times I forget about the evil and focus on what is good, right, and beautiful.

That is true for all days, but especially for weekends.

What makes me angry, what always makes me angry, is when the “good guys” do bad. If trafficking is the buying and selling of the vulnerable, it’s the buyers that drive the market. It’s the teachers, preachers, businessmen, and family men who cause these children to be daily emotionally manipulated and physically harmed. They buy and then stomp on their already broken souls.

I’ve met these women and children, boys and girls, that you are buying.

They were created with such emense value and worth, and yet they are so broken. Somewhere inside, their value is still there, crushed and broken as it is, but you just destroyed them a little more, all for the sake of 30 minutes of pleasure.

To all my colleagues who devote their lives trying to protect these children, rescue these children, and restore these children, I am honored to call you colleagues and friends.

I usually don’t write about my job, because this blog is a chance for me to practice the verse in my logo and focus on the good. But this morning, I’m stuck in bed, under the head of my most precious reward who doesn’t want to wake up yet, so I am sharing my anger, since I cannot go punch a hole in something or run til I’ve outrun all the evil I know.

And I think every now and then it’s good for everyone to know some truth.

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  1. let the children come


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