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It’s a Thing

There is certainly comfort in knowing that others experience the same feelings you do and that they go through the same stages and do the same things.

Like first birthdays, or I’m warned maybe every birthday for your child, they are both emotional and underwhelming at the same time.  Something so big is still just a normal day, even with a party.

IMG_4201So yesterday, I was exhausted, baby was fussy, house was a wreck, so I went shopping.  I gave my husband some lame, not understood reason for why I preferred to take a fussy baby to the store rather than stay home and rest.
But then I learned today, while reading Facebook that this too is apparently a thing.  A friend mentioned that she did something similar and she was even able to articulate a reason.  Ahhhh, yes, get away from the things I’m too tired to do at home.  That makes sense.  That is exactly what I was doing.  Brilliant friend.  Thanks.

There is something special about realizing that your thoughts and reactions are not all that unique.

So, despite the fact that I got kicked out of Ulta because I took a cart into the store, that I had a miserable run and that I didn’t buy any needed spring clothes; I’m glad I went to the store yesterday and am part of the good company of women who do the same.

So mothers, are there any other not initially understandable actions or emotions I should expect in the coming days?



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