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Weekend Search for Good


I have about 48 hours of beautiful life before I plan to go re-listen to a 20 minute recording of a man abusing a woman and then go fight like hell to protect her, even though she does not want to be protected.
Ladies and gentlemen, this world is so full of evil.
So for 48 hours, I am focusing on the good.


I should always focus on the good, but after a week spent listening to jail calls, I’m ready for some intensive good therapy.
Where ever I go, whatever I do, this weekend, I am looking for good.

4 comments on “Weekend Search for Good

  1. I’m not sure if I ever told you about this conversation. I can’t remember what I say out loud of to myself these days. But Travis and I were talking about SAHM’s and about you and Zoya and he said and I quote,”Camila is the one person who is doing great, big life-changing things with her career. She can’t stop. (pause for thought) She’s like a real life super hero and you don’t just quit that job.”

    You are. You are a super hero. Keep fighting for the good.


    • Wow. That’s flattering. I hardly know how to respond. It was that wise husband of yours who once asked me, while I was floundering and directionless, what my fall back was if things didn’t work out in Franklin. I said Franklin was the fallback. He then so wisely pointed out that that was his point and that you shouldn’t live in your fallback position.


  2. His words have always stuck with me.


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