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11 Month Old Baby Milestones

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Can anyone ever believe it when their child turns 11 months old?  It feels like she has gone from a little baby to a little girl, overnight.  She was wonderful on our trip to San Francisco.  She started noticing children on the trip and that made the plane flights highly entertaining. She babbled at and pointed at everyone under 4 feet tall, and extended the same courtesy to many adults.

She loved the trip.  I actually think she is feeling a little cooped up staying home all day now that we have returned.

She loves animals.  She barks at dogs and makes a buh buh sound to all birds.

Rubber duckies are her favorite.  She has  8.

She can stand.  She usually only does it when standing on the bed or something soft, but she can do it for at least 5 seconds, even on the soft bed.

She is not good with the word No.  She seems to think it means ‘let go and dive away from the bookshelf’, not ‘don’t touch the bookshelf.’

She eats anything, though she is not a big fan of anything made for a baby.  We just chop up anything we are eating into bite size pieces.  The only thing we haven’t given her so far is milk, honey and peanut butter. She is great with all of the “strange” Iranian spices.  Of course, they aren’t strange for her I guess.

She doesn’t nap well when I am home.  When daddy has her during the week, she naps at least twice for several hours at a time.  On the weekends, she sometimes does not nap at all.  She is sweetly sleeping beside me now though.

She knows mama’s eyes, mama’s nose, mama’s mouth, same for daddy and sometimes for herself.

She loves pointing.  Pointing has been a real game changer.  She can let us know what she wants or is looking at.  She loves to point at people, though it really looks like she is calling everyone a looser.  She is cute enough to get away with it though.


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