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Weekend Gardening


Let’s just say, I did so little gardening last year that a bird built a nest in the box where I keep my tools.

Between pregnancy and maternity leave, I did nothing but plant some needed basil (a girl still has to eat) and let some tomato plants die. I think out of 6 plants, I got 3 tomatoes.

I remember at one point there were tears and a tiraid connected to the tomatoes, or lack thereof, but I don’t remember the details. I had just had a baby. I had a few extra hormones.

This year, without a doubt, planting things has been more of a shared interest. And over the last two years we have adjusted my love of starting projects to his love of finishing projects.

Today, I’m going to bed with a great sense of accomplishment and a quite a few sore muscles. We shopped, weeded, planted, mulched and watered.
All while, cooking for company tomorrow, cleaning, and trading off turns with the baby.


We will see how things grow. We planted mostly for smell and went with lavender and rosemary. We also planted for privacy and coverage and we hope what we planted will grow to cover a hole in our privacy hedge that occurred when our neighbor chopped down her tree and the lovely PVC pipes that now poke out of the ground since we got connect to the sewer a few weeks ago.


We also planted for our stomachs; tarragon, basil, oregano, basil and basil. We still have rosemary and mint from last year.


To me, the yard looks amazing. Because I’m looking at it the way I imagine it and seeing all the new plants. I also look and see all the grass seed we planted finally growing and it’s great.


I’m sure to some people, this looks like a mess, but I’m looking at the future and the potential and I love it.

I think there is an object lesson in here somewhere. We (or others) may look at our lives and see a mud pit, but God sees our value and our potential and sees us through eyes of love and with a heart that has sacrificed.

Happy Spring.

Happy Easter.



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