Ok, one more set of flower petal photos.  She certainly wasn’t happy when we were taking these photos, but they are still just too pretty not to post a few more.


I’ve  taken a few days off posting. It has been a peaceful few days.  I’ve had a few speaking engagements, a few hours in the sun, a few hours alone with zz, a few good conversations, and some great food.

Today is the Iranian New Year, which seems to be their biggest holiday.  They take off work for two weeks and it coincides with the first day of spring.  I got major wife points yesterday by doing something special for the holiday, and I’ll post about it more tomorrow.

Today, I’m just going to finish the weekend in relaxed mode, thanking God for all those in my life and for the new life that blooms at spring that reminds us of the new life He creates in us.


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