Ten months is an amazing stage.  Photographs are a little difficult, because she is always on the move.  It is easier to just catch her relatively still and stick the blocks in the photo, than it is to set up a scene and try to get her to stay still in it.  She crawls, she pulls up, and she generally gets into anything she isn’t supposed to touch.  Right now, as I type, she is playing with the magazines that she is usually told she cannot touch.  She still loves the cords and trash basket and bookshelf that she cannot climb.

I have taken a break from blogging this past week.  My brain was running on empty and I didn’t want to add too much useless dribble, just for the sake of posting something.  Sometimes blogging helps me think and helps me stay in the moment and be aware of all around me.  Other times, it just keeps me from BEing.

So this weekend I just BEed.  I just was.

This weekend was all about time with baby.  This weekend was just about being a wife and a mother.  This weekend was all about being without sharing.  This weekend was wonderful.


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