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Endurance Building with the Sun


This may sound like a fitness, exercise post, but if you know me or follow this, you know this is a mind renewing, mental health, mind refreshing post.

Nothing will motive a 2nd run like a great view. Nothing will crush that motivation like below 0 weather (Celsius, my family operates in Celsius) 
It’s OK. Less than a month til daylight savings time ends. I figure if I can sneak out a few times before then, I’ll really get started next month.
It was mind clearing. I rushed home, put the baby in the stroller and walked out the door. We had a great evening. So great I had a rush of energy. So great I couldn’t get to sleep for hours and hours.
O well. Not giving up yet. I’m really buying in to this idea that even 10 minutes is worth it. It gets dark too fast to do much more.
But this is the oposite of my racing the sun training when the sun was setting earlier so we were having to get faster and faster each walk, this fal. This time, the sun is setting later and later, so we can gradually, increase our walk time as the sun sets later and later.
Endurance building for babies. Hoping for some warmer weather soon. Saw this photo of my half-marathon I did three years ago and I really want to do this again.

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