Try as we might to always be present and not to miss a thing, it can be very hard to wipe work out of my mind some weekends. Friday, I stumbled on to some ‘how to be a pimp’ conversations online and I found it nearly impossible to get it off my mind until Saturday afternoon when we took a walk. Nothing clears my head like exercise and nature, but it’s still so hard to choose quality over quantity and give up minutes with my child.  I’m doing this stress reduction challenge to win credit with my insurance company and every day it suggests new stress reducing techniques. I’m trying them all but none stack up well against the benefits of a tiny sweat.
How do you jump from reading a conversation about “branding my h0$” aka tattooing and whether that is “defacing your own property” (negative) or whether it helps with psychological control of the girls in your stable (positive); to “aren’t these babies adorable” and “let’s play peek-a-boo”?
I see colleagues on Facebook who make the same jump from pimpin’ world to family life. It’s hard.
But thankfully, this weekend, we had sun. And by the time we started baby’s nine month party (no one with us knew that’s what dinner was, but it was a nine month party in our mind), work had been sweated away and my mind connected with all the giggles and joy.



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