Traveling with Baby





I believe Zoya has probably traveled more than many 5 month olds.  We aren’t jetsetters but it seems like almost every weekend we have to pack up the pack-n-play and head off somewhere. I’ve had a stretch of having to travel a lot for my job, but looking at the calendar gives me hope that the travel will soon settle down. It is exhausting, but I would not trade it for anything because Shah and Zoya travel with me. I get to see her between classes and breaks and while driving and it just feels like I get a whole extra day with them.
She is a great traveler. She doesn’t seem fazed by a new hotel or house.
She did seem a little extra happy to be alone in a hotel room with just me and Shah after spending Saturday with lots of people at her cousin Knox’s birthday.  She was good at the party and didn’t fuss and seemed to be fascinated by everything, but at the hotel room she was super happy and giggly as some of these pictures show. 

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