This post is not born out of an overflowing of joy today, but out of the desperate need to survive the sadness.Valentines Day, more than any other day of the year causes many people to feel alone and discontent with their lives and relationships. And unlike other hard holidays, it never seems to motivate change. I’ve never heard anyone say, by next Valentines, I’m going to be in a loving relationship or I’m going to develop more expressions of love in my marriage. Maybe that’s why there are just so many tears. Valentines is so much about receiving expressions of love and not giving. But enough analyzing out loud. It’s time for me to get down to the business of counting my blessings so I can thrive today and not merely survive.

  1. I am loved dearly by Shah.
  2. Zoya woke up all cuddly and we had time to have a slow breakfast.
  3. I am being healed enough to just enjoy praising God for who he is without pain.
  4. Zoya is taking me out for ice cream today with her own money.
  5. I am learning temperance and boundary setting with work so I’m able to enjoy God’s provision of blessings.

This is an ongoing list. It’s not just about counting blessings in general but keeping an attitude of appreciating all that comes along today and celebrating our special love.

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