This is the same table that was covered with papers before I started this decluttering process. Now it’s not only beautiful, it is drastically decluttering my daily life. Decluttering isn’t just about having less things. It can also be about using less things.

One of the best things we did with Zoya was only buy one child-size bowl and spoon. Cleaning it after every meal was so simple. Since my sister moved out in June, it is been my goal to find one favorite plate and bowl and wash them after every meal. I haven’t been able to find the perfect dish, but with my other sister living here for a month I actually came up with something even better. Using my normal plates, I’ve set a beautiful table and we each have a place setting. We don’t open the kitchen cabinets. We use our dishes, wash them, and put them back on the table.

It’s pretty. I can’t use the table as a dumping ground. Dishes aren’t piling up in the sink or the dishwasher. I’m not minimizing my dishes. I need them for guests. But I don’t need 12 plates every day.

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