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First Mother Daughter Vacation

So far everything about this trip has been wonderful. I mean, it’s still real life and I did learn swimmy diapers don’t hold her morning pee and changed her diaper three times before we made it to the pool, or even out of the room this morning. 

I’m so glad she is talking so early. It makes this more special that I can carry on conversations with my one year old. I needed that this year. She’s far from fluent, but so was my husband when we started talking. 

But I managed not to let her burn. I’m only burned in a small patch on the back of one arm. I’ve had lots of time to think and grow, but it’s been at a peaceful pace. 

Most of my joy moments since Shah died have been a nervous high. This has been peaceful. I’ve posted many of these on social media through out the day, but for my memory, this is my phone dump of the day. 

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