Wow, I said I’d have a photo dump of the weekend, and then “poof” I disappeared.  Last week was a great weekend.  It was a new stage of my life, where socializing is mostly based around Zoya.  She had three play dates that included time at the park, a birthday party, and the Clydesdales.  It was quite fun and good for both of us.  She has grown leaps and bounds since the first day a little boy came over to our house and she spent the day keeping as many of her toys away from him as she could.

She is actually playing with her cousins who are here this weekend and she really does not mind if they play with her toys.  img_4681

Usually, when I am quiet on the blog, it is a bad week.  This week was more of a calm lull and I was holding on to peace and didn’t want to rock the boat by really writing too much.

There are some hard things going on that are completely separate from the fact that my husband had now been dead for six months and it’s the first holiday season without him.  I’m trying not to let those outside things effect the relative peace I currently have about him.

I want to be back to blogging this week.  I am still doing my daily advent liturgical reader and planner and I still love it.  I go to bed looking forward to doing it the next day.  20161202_133811.jpg

I love the idea of setting three priorities for the day, separate from a big to-do list.  If I get just these things done, I will feel a sense of accomplishment in my day.  They usually include work items, cleaning items, and maybe a dreaded phone call or so, but some days, I really set the best priorities: laughter, fresh air, and fun.

2 comments on “Wait, Has It Been A Week?!

  1. So glad you had a busy week-end. Being busy seems to help more than just sitting around. Do you mind telling me where you got you planner/reader book?


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