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Reality vs Distraction while Grieving


Everyday TimeHop brings me new memories. I especially like the more rare days when we have more than one year of memories. I know in November we will often have three years of photos.
The reality that I had a continuum of time with him, and not only individual memories, helps me relax and know that he continues; and due to his love, the way he changed me, the things he taught me, and the girl he gave me, we continue.
Sometimes it’s a battle to have anything more than fleeting memories.
It’s hard to believe that distraction would want to attack at a time like this, but I think it’s one of the enemy’s strongest weapons, and the distraction can feel like relief, but deadening relief, not joyful, hopeful relief, fully grounded in the reality of all that was, all that happened, and all that is.

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