This is the post where I record milestones, so that I don’t forget. This is the post where my blog becomes her baby book.


One year old is so amazing. I look back at photos of her a year ago and I don’t long for those days. I love these days.


They were wonderful days, but I don’t want to give up today to go back a year.
Every day she says something new. We have realized that when she stop singing a song, she starts singing it for us.
She shakes her head yes, but has to use her whole body to shake her head no.
She had taken random steps, but on her birthday she took three very deliberate, very firm steps. She will only walk towards mama, so it’s not a fun game to play with daddy right now.
She is generally very happy and easy going, but she screams when either of us get out of bed.
Yes, she still sleeps with us and I like it more and more. It won’t last forever, but for now I’m embracing the family bed.
She still loves ducks. We got her several presents, but as she was opening them she reached in to the little people tractor and got the little duck as if it was the only thing that mattered.
She does love her outside swing as well though.


Every new thing is a wonderful toy for a few minutes.
Mama and Dada are very distinct and she doesn’t confuse us.
The doctor said she should be done with her bottle now. WHAT?!  I’m embracing this stage and all, but I am so not ready for that. Breastmilk doesn’t belong in a sippy cup.
I’ve changed since she was first born. My rule following self would have already known that rule, cared about it, and followed it. Now I’m just wondering what we will tell the doctor at her 15 month appointment. She doesn’t take a pacifier. She doesn’t carry her bottle around. She isn’t attached to it.  But a sippy cup seems so jarring after a comforting snuggle in daddy’s arms twice a day. We love this age, but the parents aren’t ready to loose the bottle.


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