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Tonight We Laughed – vicarious trauma


Tonight we rolled on the bed and tickled and laughed. We made funny faced and squealed with delight.
Tonight I wasn’t accomplishing anything. I wasn’t passing the time. I wasn’t just keeping her safe.
We played.
We kissed.
And we laughed.
It was one of those days at work where you tell each other, go home and hug your kids. But often, we get home and forget to really do it.

It wasn’t an unusually hard day. But it was a day full of story after story of abused children. Some were past victims, survivors of abuse, in a documentary I watched as part of a panel I was moderating. Others were current cases, new cases of kids who are likely being abused again tonight.

So tonight, I ignored my to-do list, I skipped my walk, I didn’t talk to my friends. I remembered to be intentional and we laughed and I prayed. I prayed for her protection. I prayed for her protection from abuse. I laughed and I cried. I cried for so many even younger than her that have already been abused.

I pray for her protection and I ask your prayers for those striving to protect and rescue and heal the child who is too broken to ever tell them thanks.

They need to know that their work is worth it and their work makes her world a little safer.

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