This is definitely the way to end a walk. ZZ was sound asleep by the time I finished my walk today, so I grabbed a magazine and sat down and chilled.

I’m so excited that we have an extra hour of sun in the evenings now. Sure I’ll be exhausted tomorrow, but I restocked our creamer today and plan to enjoy a little extra coffee tomorrow.

And speaking of magazines, it’s been my goal for three weeks now to finish this one.


Magazines are one of those things that I miserly never but no matter how much I want them… but I had a coupon and Real Simple is my favorite.

But this time, it definitely disappointed. Halfway through it occurred to me that this was just like a blog, but in paper form. But unfortunately, this particular one didn’t have any great posts…  I mean articles.

At least finishing it allowed me to have the send of accomplishment that comes from throwing something out. When I finish a magazine I tear out any page or two that I want to save and trash the rest.

And maybe that is why I will buy it again. In a world of unlimited information, blog scanning, pins and electronic articles, it’s nice to read something with a finite amount of information.

The mind can only hold so much, so good or bad, it’s nice to finish something, put it down and move on.


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