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Coffee Has Me Back in My Heels, but Will It Get Back on My Toes



So coffee has me back click-clacking around the office in my heels for the first time since pregnancy. I used to take a no pain, no gain approach to shoes and figured shoes were not working for you if they were not hurting. Like it or not, body language, appearance and high heels convey a message.
However, pretty much since the day I got pregnant, I quit wearing them, until recently. Once I started drinking coffee I suddenly had all the energy I needed to get things done and run around in heels getting things done.


And so I’m wondering, is it time to pull out the other shoes, the running shoes? Do I have enough energy to start running again?   Should I put my feet back in the Asics? How far can this coffee really take me?  In the past, when ever I worked out in the morning before work, I was useless by about 10:00 am. Could coffee fix that?  Is coffee the secret?  If I go from a small cup to a big mug, could I get up an hour earlier and take my running shoes back on the road? 
I’m enjoying fitting back in to most of my suits and clacking around the office in my long neglected heels. Is it time to lace up the neglected sneakers as well?
The truth is I really miss running. I had barely ever run a mile before I turned 30, but once I figured it out, I learned to love it. It has a mind clearing effect. Plus, I really wanted to run when we were at Hilton Head. That is the best way to explore a new place. But for now, evenings are out because it is dark when I get home and I don’t want to leave Zoya any longer than my work hours, unless she is asleep.

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