Zoya recently got baptized. May 2nd to be precise, incase I want to remember the date someday in the future. It was completely her idea. She asked me about it many months ago and then continually reminded me to talk to our pastor about it.

She met with the kids pastor, listened and asked questions. As a solo parent, it is really nice, every now and then to tap out, aka, let someone else answer the questions. This was all in the height of COVID last year, so we had to wait for the right time. At Christmas, they asked if she wanted to have the baptism alone in the church with just immediate family, but she chose to wait to do it in front of the church. Then over the Easter season they were scheduling baptisms again, but due to Covid restrictions, they were not doing full immersion baptisms. I gave her a few days to think about what she wanted to do as we discussed the meaning of baptism and all of the options.

She asked me a few questions to confirm that she was already a Christian, but then decided that she wanted to get baptized now, and asked that they pour as much water as possible on her head. That led to much joy and laughter during the baptism by all who participated. It was a very special time.

Shortly before Shah died we went through the baptism and blessing class for parents and were able to do a blessing/dedication service with Zoya only weeks before he died. Our pastor spoke to Zoya about her daddy both while meeting before the service and again while talking to her during the baptism.

It is small blessings like this that I treasure. He was still very much a part of this day, even though I could not see his face or hold his hand while it was happening. This is just one of so many time that we have and will miss his reactions and his smile, but nothing could stop the joy and celebration that day.

2 comments on “Zoya’s Baptism

  1. Carolyn

    ♥️♥️♥️♥️This cami. Such a sweet, sensitive, spiritual child…


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