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Living Fully Means Appreciating the Little Moments as well as the Big Ones

This blurry photo pretty much sums up our mood tonight. This has been an amazing trip. There were hard times, annoying times, sad times, and exhausting times, but mostly it was magical. By magical, I mean it was a supernatural and undeserved gift. We have been so happy. Of course, we’ve had moments of sobbing. We miss our beloved Shah. But overall, we’ve smiled big smiles and I’m glad our smiles were captured in this blurry almost dark photo. 

Zoya’s laughter while playing with Shah’s parents and brothers has been brilliant. The love in this house has been so strong. The nature has been restorative. The memories made, unforgettable. 

My nearly daily breaks to hang out with my old roommate were the boost I needed to keep moving forward. Our outdoor yoga time had better be a habit I take back to Atlanta. 

The literal and figurative mountain experiences were amazing. I need to write a travel post about our trip for anyone visiting the area and so my aging brain doesn’t forget any of the unforgettable moments. The Granby Zoo, the Foresta Lumina, enchanting. The Nordic Spa, literally healing. 

As I begin to slowly switch my focus from grieving living life fully once again, I don’t want to forget that it’s just as important to enjoy playing with rocks in the drive way as it is to have exotic adventures in foreign lands. 

3 comments on “Living Fully Means Appreciating the Little Moments as well as the Big Ones

  1. I am happy for you that you have crossed a small invisible line. We will always grieve, I don’t believe that stops. It does change. Allow those changes, don’t feel guilty about the steps. Keep writing. 🙂


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