Spring, new life, new job, nine months, grace, … Zoya and I are finding new life, but despite what should be adorable selfies, it is still real life. 

I was talking to a stressed tired friend the other day and invited him to join us any day at a moments notice, because our normal is anything that helps us heal and brings new life. 

Shah and I were already getting good at enjoying the moment and savoring life, but Zoya and I are truly learning to make it a daily thing. There is a part of me that still knows I need to daily do things that bring restoration, or else I could collapse into a pile of dust. I still might break down but at least I’m taking advantage of the time in still in my feet. 

Some days this looks a lot more like resting on the couch or even cleaning; but dinner outside, trampoline time, walks, and gardening are becoming our normal. Outside is becoming our normal. 

I don’t know why savoring life is becoming our normal. It’s partially because I’m recognizing the need and partially because I’m recognizing the gift. 

But it’s still real life, despite the beautiful moments. It’s still messy and I mean that literally and not just metaphorically. 

I got a cat this week that may be perfect or may be a terrorizing huge mistake. I don’t know. 

And right after these dinner photos were taken a bird pooped on my shoulder and once I got back outside a minute later my wine looked like this. 

Protein anyone?

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