I know I still have a couple of years to go, but this article makes turning 40 sounds pretty nice. I remember discovering 30 was awesome, many years ago.  Forty actually seems almost as good as being pregnant, IF you do it right.

When you are pregnant you can let everyone help you with things and just enjoy it.  Once I started showing, I would finally let people carry my groceries out to the car for me.  When you are pregnant, you can excuse yourself from anything to take a nap.  Suddenly, for a few short months, it is all about you and your nap and eating schedule.  It is like, for a few months, you are the baby that you will soon have.

You don’t like a smell, out it goes.  You need yogurt, let’s hop in the car.  Ahh, you wish you could make that event, but your pregnancy is just kicking your butt these days.  You had no idea it would be this way.

Forget something, cut someone off, decide you don’t want to wear heels or appropriate business clothes today; just pat the belly and give an ‘o well’ laugh.

If your family and husband are not on board with this, train them, just like baby sleep trained us to let her sleep in our bed.  This is how it should be.  Just refuse to have it any other way.

And enjoy it.  Soon you will have a baby acting like that pregnant lady and getting everything her way.  12729358_10153883153203119_9009801297767114484_n

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