Since one of the primary reasons that I started blogging was to keep a record for Zoya, an electronic baby book, of sorts, today’s post is dedicated to her nine month milestones.

She finally has her MMMMM sounds and so on her nine month birthday she decided Mama was her favorite word.  I don’t think she attaches a person to it, but I still love hearing that sound.

She has said Dada and Baba for months now.

She is getting to be a real imitator, so she learns a new sound or two every day.  A few days ago she learned to roar after daddy says, Hi, I’m Simba, roooooooaaaaaaar.  It’s a low throaty sound.  She can also make kissy noises and lots of tounge and lip sounds.

Our favorite is still, “Hi, there.”  She waves and says “Hi, there” to just about everyone.

She can pull up to standing now, though sometimes when she gets to her knees her legs are crossed and she gets stuck.

Her “crawl” is adorable.  It’s way more of a swim.  Truthfully, we are way to fast to get her whatever she wants and so she hasn’t had a lot of motivation for crawling; EXCEPT, she crawls to things she isn’t allowed to have like cords and cell phones.

She LOVES cords and she understands she isn’t supposed to have them so she crawls over and then slowly reaches out of them, wait for us to tell her, No.

She still sleeps with us.  I wish I had stuck to putting her in bed for at least 30 minutes before letting her in our bed, but it’s just so easy to lay there and her fall asleep while nursing beside me.

Really, she LOVES cords.  As I type she is trying to slide under the couch to get the cord to this computer.  She really only understands that the TV cords are a no-no.  She refuses to accept it for the computer.

12688348_10153869726873119_1064112623230727350_nShe has no schedule.  A lot of the time she wakes up when I leave, but then falls back asleep for a few hours.  Other times she doesn’t sleep all day and really does fine.

We haven’t scheduled her eating either.  Some days she eats a lot of solid food.  Other days she sticks to breast milk.

Some days she falls asleep at 9:00.  Other days she falls asleep at 11:30.

Some people value schedules and predictability.  We value flexibility.  She never fusses when a schedule changes or we travel or she has to fall asleep somewhere different.  As long as she is with us, she is happy.

She is finally clingy.  As I wrote a few days ago, she wants her Mama.  At least she wants her Mama to hold her.  Because we have guests this weekend, and she is H A P P Y.  We can set her on the floor and she just smiles and laughs at everyone.  She really doesn’t want to miss anything by sleeping, but the joys of watching guests means she doesn’t need much sleep.


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