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Living an Integrated Life – The Monk Manual

img_4815 Over the last few years, I have been increasingly convinced of the need to live an integrated life.   Not only is it essential for good mental health, but it is also essential for spiritual health.  The stressed brain is the disjointed brain.  It is the brain that cannot remember to pay a bill, because work has taken over the conscious mind; and the brain that cannot remember to exercise, because paying bills has taken over the conscious mind.  It is the brain that cannot integrate the spiritual life into the other 23.5 hours.  It is the brain that is always afraid it is letting balls drop, because it feels utterly disjointed.  Without a doubt the traumatized brain is one of the most disjointed, but in this world with our frantic schedules anyone can struggle to remain an integrated whole.

The last few months have been incredibly disjointed as work has taken every ounce of my energy and few a few weeks all the other hours were spent laying on the couch.

Enter The Monk Manual


I was sent a sample of this this to review a few weeks ago.  I read it and got excited, but I only printed it and really started using it in the last few weeks.  It has been the biggest blessing.  God’s timing is perfect and he often uses others to send his blessings. It couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.  It integrates all areas of life and allows for daily, weekly, and monthly evaluations and reflections.  It incorporates priorities, with a daily schedule, an daily examen, gratitude, and hope.  It helps me reflect and move forward with purpose making large and small adjustments based on constantly changing demands and internal resources.

It reminds you to check in with your relationships, physical health, spiritual health, work, personal grown, and play; and adjust your life accordingly. It is a great companion for those who practice daily rhythms and examen.

There are samples of all of the pages on the kickstarter page.


Yes I blurred out my own writing.  This has everything from a list of things I’m grateful for today, to my work to-dos, to my schedule to keep me moving once I get home tonight.  I’ve loved using the pages I printed, but I’m definitely participating in the kickstarter so that I can have a bound book to start the new year.

If you want to practice a daily examen, make sure you are acting in accordance with your priorities, be reminded to be thankful, and remember the highlights of the day, you should seriously join me.  My 2019 planner has been chosen.

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