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Solo Work Travel with Toddler

I guess it’s the month for scary headlines. I’ve traveled with a child for work and I’ve traveled with a child alone, but this is the first time to travel alone with a child for work. To be honest, I’m a little scared.

I have back up plans for my back up plans, but this still is just a little bit overwhelming. When I took a job that required travel as a widowed mom of a three year old, my theory was that when I traveled for more than a night to a place where I knew people, I would take her with me. For short trips and trips to places without known recommended child care, I’ll leave her home.

Travel is our love. It keeps us thinking life is good. It’s how we feel blessed. But I’ll admit this is a little intimidating.

I still absolutely love my job, Street Grace, and being back in the human trafficking fight. However, I am still working to find a balance where I can still parent, take care of house and life responsibilities, and continue to process the trauma and grief of loosing my husband. Recently, I have not been striking the right balance but there is nothing like travel to help me recalibrate.

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