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The Losses are Plural

When your husband dies, it it isn’t just one loss, it’s so many different losses, big and small. I read a post by a widow of four years and it made me realize I’m still realizing and accepting new losses. 

Just like I had to mourn each first last year, I also have to recognize each loss and slowly learn to move forward. 

Shah has I started drinking coffee just a couple of years ago and only because we found we liked percolator coffee. In happier days, I blogged about our coffee discoveries. Today I broke down and bought a little normal coffee pot. 

I need easy right now. I feel like I spent every nonworking hour today emptying Amazon boxes and breaking them down for recycle. That was his job. Lossed time and lost energy. 

This coffee pot promises easy. It if works the percolator will go away until another stage of life. 

So today, I miss my percolator coffee. I miss not emptying Amazon boxes. And I miss the pores on his nose. 

And breathe. 

3 comments on “The Losses are Plural

  1. Debbbie Wylupek

    I bought a Kureig.


    • Prayers . . . and if I can’t find a way to make my drip coffee darker, I’m going to have to try a Kureig.


  2. OneHundredandOnePursuits

    It’s a reminder to us lucky enough to still have our loved one at our sides to treasure the little things we often take for granted. Thank You.

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