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One Year After His Death. 

Today the children played with bubbles while we marked the first anniversary of Shah’s murder, but also the anniversary of the day he met Jesus face to face. In a way, I’ve been anticipating this day for a year and my goal was surviving until today. There is a bit of relief at times  that the firsts are done, but I don’t know if the seconds will be easier or harder. I find it best to focus on the good of the moment, the bubbles and the laughs, and the promised resurrection and eternity; but not to try to figure out tomorrow, because that is so unknown. 

The media was gracious enough to carry out story again today as the police seek to find Shah’s killer. I’m grateful as I always am for a chance to share more about who Shah was. 

Almost all of them missed that I’m not still a prosecutor, but that I’ve left that job to lead Georgia Life Alliance, an organization that seeks to change the culture to one that truly values human life, from conception to natural death, unlike the man who took Shah’s life. 

But they all wrote beautiful stories and spread the word that we are still mourning and still asking someone to come forward and tell us what happened, and I am so grateful for those who took that time and who do their job so well. 

With the help of family, friends, and the community, but most of all with God’s help, we have survived one year with broken hearts, yet joyful hope, and we will keep on growing. 

We do not know how the story ends, but we know Who writes the story. 

2 comments on “One Year After His Death. 

  1. Prayers continue!!


  2. Annie Meeks

    What a hope filled message!


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